Services for Public Entities

Facing challenges with firsthand experience

Public entities face a wide array of communications challenges. They must listen carefully while responding appropriately. Municipalities often must function as destination marketers while schools must raise funds to supplement their budgets. Both must promote … Read more>

Crisis Communications

We provide crisis communications services to our clients because in our information age there are only two types of institutions: those who have faced a crisis, and those who have just begun. Crisis happens, and when it does, you won’t … Read more>

Winning Intelligence

For dogged research and intelligence dedicated to winning strategies, we partner with DC based Percipient Strategies.

We employ the best technological tools to conduct the spadework for any combination of political, policy, public affairs, and industry research so clients … Read more>

Web Hosting Services

Web Host Providers

  • WP Engine – Since July 25, 2014
    Running 645 WordPress sites on 2 dedicated servers (P3 and P4)
  • Kinsta – Since Sept 26, 2016
    Running 240 WordPress sites on a custom enterprise plan


  • WP Engine –
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