Engaging Social Media for Cape Resorts

When it comes to engaging social media for Cape Resorts covering four hotels and restaurants, a spa and nightclub, and a farm market, our team works weekly to design and execute creative strategies for multiple social media platforms. We handle … Read more>

Lakewood Neighbors Campaign Awarded

Lakewood is the fourth largest (and fastest growing) town in New Jersey,  with a diverse population including a large Orthodox Jewish community. Faced with civic and social challenges resulting in national media coverage (much of it negative), Princeton Strategic Communications … Read more>

Mobile app sampling

Clients tell their story through mobile apps to interact directly with their customers and provide premium content. Here’s a sampling of recent mobile applications:

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Four Persuasions

In communications, there are four persuasions.

While seduction persuades through attraction and charm, coercion resorts to force or fear, and each wears off once backs are turned. While reason touches minds, it misses hearts.  But story taken as true – … Read more>