We serve consequential companies and causes that help people find their purpose and succeed. 

Our latest client, Caucus Educational Corporation (CEC), led by Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Steve Adubato, produces three television series — State of Affairs with Steve Adubato, the weekly public policy series exploring critical New Jersey issues; One-on-One with Steve Adubato, nightly in-depth interviews with some of the region’s most compelling personalities; and Think Tank with Steve Adubato, featuring leaders, innovators, and experts who tackle broader national policy issues impacting New Jersey and the region. 

According to Senator Cory Booker, the CEC produces “relevant and timely programmingI know from experience that their television programming and educational outreach initiatives benefit the people of our state and nation.” 

Here’s an interview with Emmy-Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston who tells the story of how he discovered his purpose and learned to succeed in his career.

Here’s a TEDx talk by New Jersey Hall of Fame President Steve Edwards titled “Having Arete: Living your life on purpose.” Steve speaks passionately about the soul of the New Jersey Hall of Fame mission based on the ancient Greek concept of Arete: striving for our highest and best sense of self and the greater good.  Steve shares the inspiring journey of his father from a high school dropout in the Newark projects to the neurosurgical operating rooms of Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City. It’s a moving tale about realizing our dreams against the odds.