Jeff Coleman – Director: Branding & Design

For Jeff Coleman, his life and work are about communication, conviction, and compassion.

His father is a Presbyterian minister, so Jeff is wired to respond to the words and music of conviction and certainty. His path, which took him on childhood missionary travels to Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, led him to politics and public service – including two terms in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

“My journey to professional communications wasn’t direct, although growing up I always loved radio – anyone on the AM dial,” says Jeff, who had a brief stint in that medium. “Personalities who had the right blend of voice, timing, and substance would almost always interest me. Live, crackly radio from far-off cities was captivating. I suppose I was always a student of how a voice built trust with the audience.”

“I love working for fellow communicators – especially those looking to add clarity and strength to their own convictions,” says Jeff, a graduate of Liberty University (Va.). “I’m not interested in helping anyone manipulate an audience, but am always ready to help them find their true voice. I help people choose the right words, pictures, and settings to make big ideas understandable.”

Jeff’s journey began in Washington state, where he was born on a U.S. Naval facility, and his travels abroad include time in his mother’s homeland of the Philippines. He considers his home state to be Pennsylvania, where he now lives in the Harrisburg area with his wife Rebecca and their children: Anna, Teddy, Charlotte, and Henry.

“I want the whole world to know that anything good they see in me, or my family, is purely the result of God’s grace,” he says.

Jeff and his team of artists have served a wide range of leaders, causes, and organizations by building and shaping message campaigns and brand strategies. His craftsman-like process is rooted in a belief that the best brands are grown from truthful, authentic communication. And for him, that means his work is more than just a profession.

“I enjoying hearing a person’s journey, and the values and experiences that give their life meaning and significance.”