Elizabeth Lockett
When tasked to choose a quote in 4th grade, Elizabeth chose the words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Since then, she’s lived her life in accordance. As a stalwart community member, Elizabeth has spent her years volunteering to help the homeless, women, children, and animals. She aspires to change the world and create positive influences using her words. “I’ve always believed in the power of words, I think some people may underestimate their capacity to change the world,” she says. Elizabeth has always been a passionate writer, writing poems and short stories from a young age and always excelling in English classes. Elizabeth is currently a junior at Rutgers University studying communications and creative writing. Before transferring to Rutgers, she earned her Associate of Communication Arts at Rowan College of Burlington County, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Elizabeth put her writing and communicative skills to the test as a Communication Intern at the YMCA of the Pines, a large non-profit organization located in South Jersey. Before beginning her internship, Elizabeth worked with the YMCA of the Pines for two years as an after-school counselor for K-5 children. Throughout her work, Elizabeth has implemented great rigor and eagerness. Apart from her studies, work, and volunteering, Elizabeth is an avid traveler. She has traveled to 12 countries in her twenty years. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys writing poetry, spending time with friends and family, exploring nature, and planning trips. elizabeth@princetonsc.com