Jeff Coleman

JeffAs the Director for branding, web development, and graphic design, Jeff Coleman enjoys helping the people and organizations he serves tell stories of purpose and mission. Jeff’s unusual path to the creative arts follows childhood missionary travels to Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, with perhaps his most formative experiences taking place in his mother’s homeland of the Philippines.

Jeff and his team of artists have been privileged to serve a wide range of individual leaders, causes and organizations, building and shaping customized message campaigns and brand strategies. His unconventional, craftsman-like process is rooted in a belief that the best brands are grown from truthful, authentic communication.

A graduate of Liberty University, Jeff is a former councilman and member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He and his wife Rebecca have four children: Anna, Teddy, Charlotte and Henry. The Coleman family enjoys living and serving their community in greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. LinkedIn