Frank Weiss

frankFrank Weiss began his career as a photographer in 2005 in Kandahar, Afghanistan while serving in the United States Air Force. Distraught by the arguably misleading views of the Middle East popularized by news media, Frank felt obligated to capture the real story. During his years photographing overseas, Frank studied and experimented independently, using trial-and-error methods to learn the photographic process and to develop his unique and meticulous technique. Much of his work from this time is of the native people in Afghanistan and Iraq and is focused on visualizing the emotional connections that transcend cultural boundaries.

Stylistically speaking, Frank strives to bridge the gap between what we feel emotionally and what our present reality allows us to believe. Although he cites several artists, photographers, and other creative individuals as influences to his work, including his twin brother Ryan Weiss, and photographers Richard Avedon, Michael Nichols, and James Nachtwey; he ultimately seeks to free himself from artistic classifications, and is always open to new influences, visions, and techniques.

Frank is a recent graduate of the Visual Arts program at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey studying film, photography, and visual communications.

Here’s an interview with Frank on SNJ Today NJ