Mark Lo Bello – Graphic Design Specialist

Mark Lo Bello has been in the advertising and brand design business for nearly 40 years.

“Designers are problem solvers. I like solving problems—it’s probably why I enjoy doing crossword puzzles,” says Mark.

Mark brings that problem-solving capability and creativity when working with clients on design and branding at Princeton Strategic Communications. The process begins with a branding discovery meeting to understand the client’s needs.  From there Mark creates a mood board with imagery, colors and ideas to kick off the design process.

“When I’m designing a logo or creating a campaign, I’m looking for a surprise — something that will really connect with the client and the industry they are in.”

As President of Design Source East, Mark helps his clients build their brand through effective design, marketing and advertising. He began his career in graphic design at the illustrious Pratt School in New York City, while balancing a job at night as a bartender. He learned invaluable lessons from both roles, combining business with art.

“I like to say with branding, you get one shot to make a great first impression. And here at PSC, we’re ready to take that shot with you to set you apart.”

Mark currently resides in Stirling, New Jersey with his girlfriend Sharon and Daisy, their rescue dog. When he’s not working on design, Mark enjoys playing golf, working out and mixology. New York City-born and raised, his favorite cocktail is fittingly a Manhattan.