Lindsay Stevenson-Gerry  – Social Media Specialist

As a New Jersey native, Lindsey has always used marketing to take the opportunity to showcase what makes her home state so unique.

“Coming from the small town of Cape May instills in you a sense of camaraderie and almost a sense of duty to protect your home. I love sharing the story of Cape May and encouraging people to visit, but I also love making it a great place to grow up as I did.”

Fresh from graduating from Rowan University, Lindsey returned home, intending to make an impact on her community. She knew she was on the right path when she landed a role at a local newspaper. During her time there, she interacted with many business owners helping guide them in their advertising, spoke with locals running contests in the off-season that gave away gift cards to local businesses, and launched their social media presence. During her time at the newspaper, Lindsey fell in love with social media. It is the perfect mixture of analytics and creativity which is where Lindsey succeeds best.

“I like to think of myself as the perfect mixture of Type A and Type B. When people ask, I usually tell them I am type AB. I love being creative in my posting and advertising, but I love diving into the analytical side of things to find out exactly why something was successful or didn’t work.”

Throughout her decade-long career in marketing, Lindsey has specialized in social media and has worked on both sides of paid and organic. As a result, she has helped nationwide clients grow their revenue and impact. For example, she was an integral part of launching National Prom Day, which helped provide prom dresses for those in need.

When Lindsey isn’t researching the latest social media trend, you can find her at the movies, traveling with her husband, or soaking up the sun with her animals.