Jessica Orlowicz – Social Media / Photography Specialist

Jessica Orlowicz often can be found around water – after all, she lives along the Jersey Shore in Cape May and spent time stationed in Honolulu serving her country in the United States Coast Guard. 

After growing up in Pennsylvania and Texas, she first developed an interest in her field through a photography class at Benedictine University outside of Chicago.

“Following school and four years of active-duty service,” Jessica explains, “I started a lifestyle blog that I monetized through advertising, brand endorsements, and reviews.”

Jessica expanded beyond blogging and photography to become a highly proficient social media strategist and, ultimately, director of marketing with Cape Resorts, a hospitality group with eight boutique properties in New Jersey and New York.  

“I love sharing stories of people having a good time and seeing our content touch and engage audiences,” says Jessica.  “I also love seeing my clients succeed through data-driven marketing strategies.” 

During her time with the Coast Guard, she worked in navigation and as a small-boat coxswain for law enforcement missions. That experience, Jessica believes, is why she manages her time and professional responsibilities well.

When not busy with her marketing duties, she likes to cook, go away for the weekend, and spend time with her children.