Eliza Rosenthale – Associate


When prompted to write a six-word memoir in her 6th-grade English class, Eliza wrote, “My pencil is my magic wand.” She has been wielding the power of language ever since. Today, she expresses herself through spoken-word poetry competitions, blogs about art and identity, and articles for a Rutgers University newspaper.

With a background in creative writing, Eliza understands the importance of specific, yet succinct language. She says, “An act as simple as removing a punctuation mark or replacing a synonym can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Grasping the nuances of language is essential to captivating and convincing an audience.” She strives to use her sharp writing skills to help others say exactly what they mean.

Eliza put these skills to the test as a public policy intern at Princeton Public Affairs Group by authoring letters to influence legislation that accurately portrayed the perspectives of multiple stakeholders. Now Eliza uses her writing skills to help our clients tell stories that are both authentic and persuasive.

Words aren’t her only source of magic. On weekends, you can find Eliza conjuring up paintings or exploring the enchantment of New Jersey native wildlife.



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