Aimee Brooks – Media Relations Specialist

As a seasoned professional in network broadcasting spanning over 25 years, both at NBC News and CBS News, Aimee is an expert in creative marketing, attention to detail, and connecting with people.

She started in the early 1990s as a wide-eyed 20-something in the prestigious NBC Page Program. This initial step laid the foundation for her impressive career. She spent three years at NBC News in the On-air Promotions Department, working with shows such as Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien, the Today Show, and more.

Aimee later transitioned to CBS News, where she gradually rose to the esteemed position of Senior Writer/Producer within the CBS News On-air Promotions and Marketing department. She has worked on dozens of promotional campaigns and branding strategies and has traveled the country directing, writing, and producing promos that aired nationally. “I loved the excitement. It was an honor working alongside some of the most prestigious broadcasters of all time, from 60 Minutes to the Evening News and the beloved Sunday Morning. I love finding creative ways to attract an audience.” A few years ago, she bravely left her full-time staff job to tackle the freelance path.

Aimee lives in Montclair, N.J., with her husband, David, two children, Hailey and Collin, and dog Remy. She is an avid skier and traveler and volunteers for several local not-for-profits.