Lakewood is the fifth largest (and fastest growing) town in New Jersey,  with a diverse population including a large Orthodox Jewish community. Faced with civic and social challenges resulting in national media coverage (much of it negative), Princeton Strategic Communications encouraged the formation of a “Lakewood Neighbors” coalition and campaign to address the situation and change the narrative.  A wide array of religious, political and business leaders gathered to address the issues and find a shared vision for the region. Editors and journalists from Gannett News were invited to attend the launch event and cover the ongoing story.  Here’s the story they wrote and the editorial endorsing the initiative. The story was carried by the Associated Press to nearly 30 other media markets.

As the campaign continues, we are heartened by the possibility of achieving consensus about solutions to some pressing issues through a partnership with the National Charrette Institute and the Consensus Building Institute. See the latest news on the campaign. 

Oh yes, our client’s campaign was awarded the 2018 Public Relations Society of America – NJ Pyramid Award for Public Service and Government Affairs. Our teammates Stacey Ehling and Ethan Andersen were on hand to receive the award.

PS. This campaign was also awarded Honorable Mention by PR Daily’s for Public Affairs Media Relations 2018 (out of 110 applicants).